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Without we realize currently, there is wrong ones from our government system. People does not understand with rights-only by it self, its keyword is people that [it is true] often cheated by a regime tends to growing stupid because [it is true] in electronic generator [it is true] its education quality low. Imagine every year how much/many extravagance that has been conducted in every year our budget. Extravagance happens because a matter of expended over budget (spending fund) and happened markup (menaikan price and amount) from budget that semestinya and expenditure to facility that just without think impact and benefit that will be got. Society there is also that protest but with emphasis and importance that very differ, but its protest still less with data and argument that ”rely on” and ”good” so it's message that wish [submitted/sent] almost not heard at all. Maybe this condition are also caused feel apathetic (cuek, don't care) , ketidak tahuan about something, lose sense of belonging, so just silent society see bullshit, mistake, deviation and others that happened disekitar we.
After 59 year independence see what already central government and local government conduct in executing our area development. [it is true] not deny quite a few change that already happened, take the air pave smoothly, new physical plant government/private sector, new school physical plant, social facility and public of society property and others that built and direhab [again]. How many fund that destined every year budget, how many development in the form of physical that has been conducted and tried you imagine already how many times our budget year still berkutat develops and merehab that things [only]. But let's see quality and dayagunanya to us owner (stakeholder) this country. Will Take the air that new this year will will return has been must paved again in next budget (not also rehab but recovered), new physical plant has leaked and destroyed there-here, bridges, moat (ditch and gorong-gorong) that destroy, nonfunctional, mampet alias stuff ups there-here. What's wrong, wether planning function that is not correct plan (Bappeda/Bappeko, execution function (kimpraswil or intansi tekhnis other) function pegawasan (BPK, Bawaskab/Bawsako) that is not optimal in fundamental getting tasks done and function each. Street that just paved current year, has not yet been used up/finished again current budgeting year has destroyed (have the hole and fall to pieces), wether asphalt hotmix that weared its asphalt quality differs from that standar planned, wether asphalt thickness and asphalt mixture disagree with standrd that btelah executed, was wether inclination the way wrong so water larian was arising out when rain or happened dismissal of miscalculation water. How with control process conducted, what/wheter really performed checking in physical to all jobs that have been executed. We imagine also that any construction workmanship that conducted pattern much the same to [only]. Wake up schoolhouse just for 1 year just or even less afterwards leak and destroy there-here, make pavement and ditch just for 1 year budget [only], afterwards will direhab or built again, we never think long-range that fund that released every year budget only used up/finished for physical invesment that [only]. More than anything else if we its talking of construction quality. See pavement through the street in Tanjungpinang specially around Pasar (City Lama) destroy, have the hole high not uniform, its cement pencong there-here, at [street] Merdeka ceramic floor installation pavement that for wall (slippery and qualified low) impressed come [from] designed and not add city esthetics), ditch and gorong that made not in and wide (for no men-standar-kan didalam RUTR) and others (if written one by one plenty [of]).
Come on Berpikir Kedepan and Jangkapanjang
If all of us fixed just let pattern of development execution like this, till whenever our area situation not on the turn. Executed development but in electronic generator and komulatif if refer to quality and dayaguna we can say like do something without concept and plan that mature. In planning something never thought in detail, complete, comprehensive, long-range and totally, as a consequence pelaksanaanya crummy, halves, target only short-range, and others.
Much reality examples that can be see diseputar we that its workmanship process crummy, halves, target only short-range, and others. We take at random [only], mention pavement, ditch, gorong-gorong, cultivation of protector tree, schoolhouse development, new street-making, bridge building, computer levying and others. Things that I mention above can be every year budget is conducted, but who'll guarantees what/wheter next year ”project” or its job will be executed again ibidem or will minimize direhab or developed again.
Our Idea must like idea [of] entrepreneurs (enterpreneur) that invesment that conducted that must have added value for masayarakt and government. Entrepreneurs think economically that sacrifice that conducted must have effect to inclusion or penadapat persuhaan in number minimize same or should be able to be big and expenditure. If every year invesment fiisik (asset shop) when we can focus to other and more important development.
Handling Masalah Never Tuntas
If we will think long-range in good faith to our area loved, of course 10 or 20 year(s) ago all of us pass executive that execute public administration and hold responsible to development process with in collaboration with legislative (DPRD) as [the] people manifestation that select ”its party” of course planning pembanguan ditch and gorong (for example) main road, street of sekunder and street of tertier not would be if this it to be. Ditch or gorong ought to have standar for dijalan wide protocol so much metre in so much metre for each street type (main/protocol, sekunder, tertier and others), system of water dismissal didalam channel city the core important here that may, temporary that outside main stream city its dismissal of estuary water here. Of course if this condition are well-designed, takkanlah is arising problem tersumbatnya drainage like this time. No will arise flood dadakan at [street] Bintan, Street of Sulaiman Abdullah, Street of Pemuda city angle;corners other.
Ditch or drainage are made [only], that important, problem of ditch deepness and width [only], unthought-of that after 5 year, 10 year or even 20 year later (long-range) how ?, that business later, that important with fund segini we wake up [only]. Planning Pattern and execution that beginilah that meluluh lantakkan our government currently.
Use Rencana Stratejik (Renstra) in working
In executing our planning never scale talking perioritas what will be conducted, what become fundamental problems dimasyarakat , maximum first that must handling immediately that must made in a comprehensive planning, integration, gradual and based on idea in long-range. When we exist diabad 20 that recognized with era melinium, golabal altogether become minimum and become gombal.
Try us return rearward, in 70s Kota Tanjungpinangs, society Tanjungpinang experienced of water crisis when dry season or at certain area oppositely/also experiences of crisis without dry season although. Of course if our head former its idea planning excitement, this problem of course can be made solution so yrs. next our not think again this problem. Its handling Pattern must in long-range, and not its problem that will arise then in long-range. That happened oppositely/also on the contrary, this problem growing mengkristal alias more and more expands, at all points (area that before now water crisis yes still water crisis also now) mall;ah if scream-call loudly dry season there is no water, but its problem still not finished till now. What's wrong, it's at model think and act roof our government organizer.
Surprisingly clever clever roof amount that enter kejajaran government more and more increases (its master amount more and more many) education background that variated, but its patterned thinking has have not yet changed. That primary is at level Top management, they this that hold kunci position in ”mendrive” development in its region. They must change patterned thinking, viewpoint, will do on erudite ways and will idea knowledge to the fore. We are seeing now any that conducted by leader Kabupaten and Kota must be done with matured planning and have a concept especially if its measuring instrument is mounting economic growth. Must look step by step concepts that run by teraju head about change of economy level masyaraakat (with various of economy parameters) walk in accordance with what has been planned. It is not government execution that conducted without planning and direction that clearly, so between 1 year budget and budget year next not joint development activity and routine executed. For example without definitive purpose and direction there is new dock development in Senggarang of great expense, next year dock has destroyed without can be used maximally and is not strategic its place. Next year direhab or moved position ketempat other. This Case clearly expresses in developing Bupati does not have planning to the fore (Plan Stratejik = Renstra).
Leader that diharapakan is leading that have expertise good management, understanding of economy concepts, have soul enterpreneur (kewiraswastaa), develop by base concept and really focus with renstra that has been made. Because we know Manajemen Strategik is covering planning, guidance, perorganisasian, and decisions operation and actions related to strategy [of] an organization both for orientation profit motive or non profit. A strategy is game [of] plan an organization ( a company’s game plan ) . Although plan is not in fine will itemize all developments [the] future (human, finance and significant), plan is referred [as] give a framework for managerial decision.
Also strategic management is dealing with decision now that concerning [the] future ( futurity of current decisions ), process from corporation management as a whole and utilization of human resources.
[cover/conclusion] :
What's dipaparkan upfront, is suggestion and all of us input in executing development process, in order to fund from natural resources and fund that stem from tax (center tax and area) and retribution does not lose free;useless or useless thrown away every year budget. after 59 year independence us, no longer berkutat at construction that [only], seprti street asphalt, widen street, make pavement, make and merehab ditch/gorong (drainage) develop and merehab office building/school. Its money Portion can be used for more useful things and good for like utilization SDM PNS and society. We must change our concept in melaksnakan this development, don't think again that development way that executed by that former leader that become our standar in working. We must change pattern, concept, way and stylist.
Sehinga does not arise next question What's wrong, wether planning function that is not correct plan (Bappeda/Bappeko, execution function (kimpraswil or intansi tekhnis other) function pegawasan (BPK, Bawaskab/Bawsako) that is not optimal in fundamental getting tasks done and function each. If street A planned paved in X by Bappeko (planning of course nice, good, comprehensive supported denganb erudite argument), dsan then executed pengaspalan by Kimpraswil in X (there is matured calculation about thickness, mixture, inclination dlsbnya and observed night and day pelaksnaanya by their past master) and later, result pengaspalan this is checked kebenaranya by Bawasko (base plan and pelaksanaanya) of course will not be next street A will will again and direhab next in Y, padahgal us year last year new also paved. If like this there is something that not true, so it's my word diawal this article, finally we still have the pattern pikira still such as those which first. So will sia-saja just money Pemkab or Pemko.

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